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Woman in a bath tub - Mistu Shower

Product Requirements

Location & Compatibility:

  • Placement: The Mistu Shower device is specifically designed for in-shower or bathroom use.

  • Water Pressure Compatibility: The device efficiently operates with a main water supply pressure ranging between 1-4 bars.

  • Shower System Adaptability: Mistu Shower is optimized for handheld, mobile shower head systems. Additionally, it is compatible with power showers (pressure levels 1-4) and electric showers.

Installation & Accessories:

  • Components: For the best performance and safety, users should exclusively use the shower head and hose that come provided with the Mistu Shower device.

  • Surface Requirements: Installation requires smooth wall tiles in the shower area to ensure effective adherence of the Velcro.

  • Mounting: For enhanced stability and safety, it's recommended to attach the Mistu Shower device directly to the wall using the provided screws.

Note: Always refer to the user manual or consult with a professional during installation to guarantee optimal functioning and durability of your Mistu Shower device.

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