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About Mistu

Magid Suliman, Founder of Mistu

Hi! I’m Magid Suliman, founder of Mistu.

The concept first arose in 2015, when I decided to find a way to reinvent the way in which people shower.


Working as a doctor in a busy hospital, I saw first-hand how many people struggle with dry skin conditions, and I wanted to find a way to help them. It occurred to me that an everyday activity could become something more exciting, a unique experience that each person could tailor to their skin and hair care needs. 

Did you know that the average 7-minute shower uses approximately 49 litres of water?

Sustainability is very important to me, so I designed Mistu to reduce water consumption by up to 35% with each shower.


In the future I aim to create zero waste, powdered products to use with Mistu, further reducing plastic pollution and carbon emissions.

Mistu Shower

Customise your shower at the flick of a switch!

With Mistu, you can enjoy a unique, personalised experience every time you shower. You are in complete control — add a few drops of your favourite products to the chamber, or use your own blend of ingredients that is tailored to your individual skin and hair care needs.


If you want to switch back to plain water, simply turn the valve on the front. The valve at the top allows you to adjust the level of dilution so it’s always perfect for you. 

Installing Mistu couldn’t be easier! Simply attach the device to your shower wall using the included velcro patches. Then, attach the pipe/hose to your mains shower unit.


For your peace of mind, Mistu is backed by a one-year warranty.

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