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Mistu Shower Infuser

Mistu Shower Infuser

€270.00 Regular Price
€202.50Sale Price

Infuse your shower water with nourishing, moisturising ingredients — all while using up to 35% less water!

(Includes the Mistu  device, a shower head, and a shower hose.)


Mistu allows you to enjoy a unique, personalised experience every time you shower. You are in complete control — add a few drops of your favourite products to the chamber, or use your own blend of ingredients that is tailored to your individual skin and hair care needs. 


If you want to switch back to plain water, simply turn the valve on the front. The valve at the top allows you to adjust the level of dilution so it’s always perfect for you. 


Installing Mistu is easy.  You can attach the device to your shower wall using velcro, waterproof glue, or by drilling small holes for hooks. Then, connect the pipe/hose to your mains shower unit.


It's time to reinvent the way you shower!